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Matchsticks Wet + Dry Bags

Pull this out of your diaper bag and you are sure to be the envy of every mom out there! Our wet bags are made with our designer cotton prints and waterproof ProCare™ interior. They come with a zippered top and are sewn with super durability in mind!

 Our seams are stitched and then heat sealed, so no liquids can leak out!

  • A snap handle is sewn into the bag, which is perfect for attaching to a stroller or a towel bar.
  • TWO SIZES! Our large measures 14.5" x 14.5" and can fit 6-8 cloth diapers. Our small measures 9.5" x 9.5" and can fit 2-3 cloth diapers.

 What is a "wet bag"?

A wet bag is an essential for any diaper bag. Some parents use it solely as a diaper bag! It holds soiled clothing, cloth diapers, wet swimsuits, toys, wet wipes, snacks, sippy cups, bottles, toiletries, potting training supplies...the possibilities are endless! Our wet bags are machine washable and dryer safe! We recommend low settings for both.

Now offering pockets for a "dry bag"! It has a pocket on each of the pockets is larger, perfect for storing dry, clean diapers and the pocket on the other side is divided into 2 longer, more narrow pockets(Large size only! Small has one pocket on each side). The narrow pockets are great for pocket diaper inserts, wipes and a travel size wipe case. The wet/dry bag is GREAT for use as a swim bag. The dry pocket can fit a change of undergarments and a light sundress, while the narrow pockets can fit your cell phone, water bottle, keys, sunscreen, etc. Of course the waterproof pocket is great for wet swimsuits, cloth diapers, etc.

Why ProCare?

The inside of the bag is made with patented, ProCare. ProCare™ is a durable soft barrier fabric frequently used in the medical, diapering and veterinary care markets. It is much stronger and doesn't separate like PUL (the most common waterproof fabric in the cloth diaper industry). ProCare is perfect when you need barrier protection and frequent sanitizing.This product is made to comply with CPSIA. Guaranteed not to impede CPSIA lead/phthalates certification when used in children's articles.

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