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Our Commercial Photo Shoot with Hello Charlie

May 22, 2016

Our Commercial Photo Shoot with Hello Charlie

We recently teamed up with Emily at Hello Charlie for a commercial photo shoot. All I can say is WOW. Her vision, her styling, her light and airy studio is simply dreamy. 

Any brand starting out or even established should definitely look into a commercial photo shoot and Hello Charlie makes it affordable for the small business owner. Emily is also a social media guru (almost 15,000 Instagram followers!). Part of your photo shoot includes a social media blast, which is ever so helpful in the baby product business. You know, us moms, kinda like our social media. It's a quick escape from the craziness that is raising tiny people. 

Our models are Moses and Margaux, both 9 months. Even the names of these sweet babes equal all the heart eye emojis. 

Enjoy ;-) 

Willowee Photo Shoot


I think Miss Margaux may have taken Moses' toy LOL. 


Products by WilloweeCUTIEKATKAT, Bannor Toys, and Flora and Peg

Willowee Wild Posy Collection

Willowee Wild Posy Stroller Blanket and Natural Wooden Teething Ring

Willowee Teething Ring


Willowee Wild Posy Bib

Willowee Wild Posy Bib


How cute is that steel blue bloomer by Beckaloo?!

Willowee Organic Spaceships Leggings and Swaddle Blanket


Oh hi, Moses, you picture perfect model, you. He's loving our Organic Spaceship Leggings and Swaddle Blanket. This vintage print is probably my favorite, but will soon be out of print :-(. 

Willowee Hello Charlie Photo Shoot

Oh, those toes! Scrumptious. 

Willowee Spaceship Teething Ring and Leggings

 More toesies. More organic cotton Spaceships. 

Spaceship Bandana Bib and Leggings

Moses, you're just too cute. That's all. 

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