Finding Joy in the Dirt

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Are you a walker, a runner, a puzzle-putter-togetherer? Do you even have a hobby? We're told in life to find a partner, buy a house, have some kids, establish a career...and find a hobby. I mean it's even on a job application or under the "About Us" section on your OBGYN's website. Maybe you had a hobby, but then you had children and children became your hobby. 

I had many hobbies before I had kids, some of which included traveling, hiking, landscaping, and even doll house building! Ok, that was one summer in 8th grade when I rocked out to K's Choice on my Discman. However, there's one hobby I always come back to: Gardening. Every year, I tell myself I'm going to scale it down or heck, just not even do it at all. Who am I kidding? I do the exact opposite and make it bigger. After a long North Idaho winter, there's nothing like the feel of the hot sun scorching the back of your neck while you're digging out weeds. I crave it. Weeds and all. I go outside in my 20' x 30' space and it's all mine. I have complete ownership of it. I try and make a point to be by myself and I get dirty, I get sweaty, and I find joy. 

My distractions? A few yellow jackets, a pesky weed, my annoying dog wanting me to incessantly throw her ball, but definitely not my phone. I leave it inside...on purpose. This is my time. My time to create and make something out of nothing. My neighbors stop by with a friendly "hello" and neighborly chit chat and that's ok because gardening fosters community. I buy my starters from some roadside stands on our adjacent streets. Starters grown in the same dirt I've been digging up since I was 5 years old. Yes, I live in my childhood home (it's a love/hate relationship). 

Although my garden is mine, I let the kids help too. I mean there's nothing like a 600 square foot play-pen filled with dirt and a water hose for an 18 month old, right? It has an 8 ft. fence because of our over populated deer invasions. Last year, mid season, the deer found their way in and ravaged it. I gave up. This year, I'm patching the holes, dusting off my gloves, and trying again. My children love to eat our own fruits and veggies (ok, mostly fruit) and they have pride over their plants. They know where their food came from and how it came to be. They especially love it come fair time when they can enter their prized pumpkins and vegetable oddities. They run into the fair building under the grandstand with butterflies in their stomach and anticipation of a blue ribbon. 

So, whether you're a 6 am runner (God bless you), a spelunker, a chef, or a medieval reenactment performer, find your passion. Yours. Not your child's. Find ownership in what you love and do it. Girl, UNinterrupted.  I won't tell your husband you hired a sitter to take the day off and plant kale. I promise. 

From my dirt manicure to yours, Happy Hobby Day! 


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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    jxtdqwsghu on
  • I was just thinking about this exact subject (and blogging on it too)!! As moms we so often neglect our hobbies. Kudos to you for digging in the dirt!!

    Monica on

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